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Congratulations to Ytossie, Taheed, Shannon, Andy, Kaya, Valerie, Billy and Mandy.

You all may not have resisted the Temptation but you realized just how important you are to one another and how strong your love really was. We wish you the best ! Thank you for shearing your  time on the island with us. 

Taheed and Ytossie - Decided they want to spend the rest of their life together. And will attend counseling to work out their problems.

Andy and Shannon - Got engaged 10 minutes after leaving the bonfire.

Billy and Mandy - Billy moved to LA and Mandy stayed in Atlanta. They have a long distance relationship now.

Kaya and Valerie - Went home locked themselves in their condo for 6 days to "reconnect".

What is Temptation Island ?

Temptation Island is a unscripted series in which four unmarried couples with no children travel to the Caribbean to test and explore the strength of their relationship. Once on the island, the couples are introduced to eligible 26 singles and then separated from their partners for two weeks. Over this period, each couple will get the opportunity to answer questions about themselves and one another, and find out if what they think they want is actually what they do want. They are on camera 24/7. After their "dates" they have a meeting and take turns on deciding if they want to see unedited highlights from their mates date. First choice went to the men, they were asked if they want to view what the women did. If you decided to see the tape your mate has no choice and has to view yours if you decide not to see it, neither will your mate. Your ONLY contact with your significant other is a 1 minute video tape that you can make for them after the meeting. 

There have been many organizations against this show. But lets face it, its our life and we decide what to do with it. Those people made the decision to go on the show knowing well what it was all about. No one forced anyone to do anything against their will. Also it is not the first show that explores strengths of a relationship. Take for example change of heart its a show where a couple is set up an blind dates and have a camera crew follow them. At the end of the show the couple must make a decision, between their mate or the date. Several people admitted to having sex on the date and many couples broke up. Unlike Temptation Island, Change Of Heart has no rules against kids. If you don't like it simply don't watch it, no one is forcing you. But don't tell others what to do.

My personal opinion on the ending, as I posted in many clubs

I really don't know what to think !!! My first reaction was this show must be scripted ! I mean come on after all the shit that happened no one broke up ? Plus would an average individual keep their partner in suspense like ( Shannon, Kaya, and Billy ) did ? Up to the last sentence they said even their partners assumed they were getting dumped. A little too much drama for an "unscripted" show.
Plus Fox did some major editing here, where did Shannon comment of " I fell in love with someone else" go ? We all seen the comment in the previews ! Maybe this show was all scripted with amateur actors and Fox just wanted to see what kind of reaction a show like this would get, before they make a "real" show.
However if it wasn't I am happy for the couples, not all of them resisted the temptation but they realized that the relationship they have is more important. After all for us it was 6 weeks (well 7 since we had a week off) that we watched these people be on the island. For them it was only 2 weeks. I would say it's kind of hard to ruin a 1 1/2 - 5 1/2 year relationship in two weeks, especially knowing you are on camera all this time and the singles are PAID to be with you.
I also think that the couples have more trouble to come, after they reunited they were happy, they missed each other and were filled joy that the other picked them. What will happen if they do watch the show and see how their mate REALLY acted and what they did ?
If Shannon decides to watch the show she will see Andy lied about his time on the show, Andy will see just how close her and Tom really got. Valerie will see what Kaya meant by "two connections" and well Kaya will see ........ nothing. Billy will see that maybe that intimate moment Mandy had was with Jon and not her first date Johnny like he probably assumed and Mandy will hear and see all Billy had to say about his "date".
But I do wish them luck, its nice to see love succeed for now anyway.
I know I am kind of contradicting myself here but that just because I am really, shocked and confused with the ending.

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